Branding and Us

A few days ago I posted a funny post about brand loyalties. I was really thinking about how all these brands in the market are affecting people's thoughts, sentiments, priorities etc.. Cause if you remember such branding was not happening during our parents times! In fact it was not there even when I was a kid.

Online media gives me the opportunity to put my thoughts out and I asked a question on Linked IN. I wondered whether people will respond... but I did get some interesting answers.

You can read the Q & A here.

Some interesting points about brands in our lives

- Going for a particular brand makes life simpler, you can buy whatever you have to and then spend rest of the time doing stuff that matters.

- The preferred brand is chosen for many reasons, one of the important one being that it provides good quality in a sustained manner. Thus you are ensured that dealing with this brand is hassle free and I will get good stuff. So why spend time looking at thousands? Again leaves you with more time!

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