Social Media Blogs

Some cool social media blogs from the internet that I follow,

Mashable : This one covers social network news, startups, online campaigns and other web things. Very comprehensive about covering news about Facebook and Twitter. Their posts are often very basic, which is good cause I find that it takes time to understand these social networks with their zillion features and usabilities.

TechCrunch : This blog also covers social networks, online campaign, startups etc.. most exciting about this blog is the controversy. In fact I just thought I would overview the blog once more before writing about it here, and this is its top posts right now :D Its hilarious! Its better than the Indian TV channels.

Read Write Web: Another cool blog I check every once in a while. It has many tips about online marketing, social networks. It focuses more on business tools and utilities found on the web though.

Web Worker Daily: This ones a goodie for web workers. Has some really good posts about managing time, work life balance, work blues etc.. for web workers. Also has decent pointers about social networking, online tools for business and more.

What are your fav social media blogs?
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