@mentions on Facebook

Facebook has introduced more twitterifications! @mentions are now possible in its status updates.
In twitter you can refer to any other twitter user by referring to @(username). This @mention then gets linked to that users profile page, thus allowing a lot of inter connect-ability amongst tweeters! Now Facebook will be introducing the @mention too...

In order to refer to somebody while updating your status of FB just put @m... and a drop down menu should appear that allows you to choose the person, fan page or group name (starting with m). Choose the name and it will be linked to that person's profile, fan page or group page in your update! Pretty cool. Very powerful feature only downside is that it is a Twitter copy X|.

This feature till now was a core one in microblogging platforms, setting them apart from other social networks and blogging platforms! Not anymore though.

It is not working for most Indian users currently, I guess it will be up for us soon. It has been reported in Mashable, they even have screenshots about how it works!

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