Perception: Do I see reality at all

I came across this term through my brother, when we were younger and I had questions about why other people behaved in a way different than me. It has always been an interesting concept for me intellectually and intelligently. Wikipedia states 'Perception' as process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory perception. Basically depending on their comfort levels people tend to see what the WANT to see rather than what IS.

Recently I had gone to a place that sells cheap booze, with some college friends. This was in a safe restaurant and bar in a shady area behind a five star hotel in Mumbai.

I was walking back with them and in front of me was the famous hotel's beautiful building, the sea, one of Mumbai's prominent landmarks. As I glanced to my left I saw a naked man's filth covered body. I saw this in a second and told myself naah that was a dog! I was over imagining. Something didn't strike me right so I looked again, and it was actually a totally naked man lying with his face into the dirty street corner. He was filthy, possibly even dead.

It took me many moments to recover and I realised that I had hit a perception screen right there! I didn't want to see a human in such a bad state that I almost succeeded in telling myself it was not so.

(Are all metro's like this, on one hand prosperity and next to it utter human depravity?)

Since this incident was so grossly physical, I could clearly see what was 'real'. In daily life so many subtle, intangible moments keep happening leaving me wondering whether I see 'reality' at all.

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