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As searching on the internet is synonymous to Googling stuff, Microblogging is synonymous to Twittering! Here is some more info about microblogging,...

Microblogging has its roots in Tumble Logs. These were blogs that consisted of small snippets of info rather than a full fledged blog post. Anarchaia is one of the first documented Tumble Log.

However, by 2006 and 2007, the term microblog came into greater usage for such services provided by Tumblr and Twitter. In May 2007, 111 microblogging sites were counted internationally. - Wikipedia
Some of the leading sites in these 111 are Plurk, Jaiku and Some blog posts to throw light on these sites..
I like Plurk better than Twitter, But should I even bother?
The Future of Jaiku Finally Revealed

There are also some niche sites like Blellow for freelancers and professionals.

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