What is marketing?

Came across a really interesting blog post today from Sonia Simone

"I wasn’t that into marketing (I’m the worst salesperson in the history of the human race), but I was into communication, and hanging out with customers, and answering questions, and making the product work better for them.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that all that stuff was marketing." Read More

It made me think about what exactly is marketing? Conventionally I thought of it as the prequel to selling. Where you say all the good stuff and leave out the bad stuff and then ask them to buy whatever you have. The problem with this thought is that, this is NOT what I do!
(I am a social media marketeer)

The above idea about communicating, trying to make a product better however is much closer to what I do! So I am now a- thinking about what marketing is!

Any thoughts?

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