Aftermaths of my Isha Ashram blog post

Some thoughts and aftermaths of my blog post about the really harrowing time I had at Isha Yoga Center.

- A day after my blog post, I got a call from Swami Suyagna (the HR monk). This was a surprise! Until now I have gotten absolutely NO communications from their side, despite the fact that I have told many prominent monks that I was very disturbed by their organization. Most told me to forget about it or they insulted me.
(Should we call this power of blogging?)

- The conversation was a disappointment, cause he tried to justify whatever he had done with 'procedure' except that this 'procedure' was not implemented for any other volunteers from cities.
(The only bright side was that I was now able to tell him how nonsensical what he was saying sounded! :p)

- It has also made me think about all the other people with whom I know such stuff has happened in this organization. If they did go public with their experiences maybe the admin would pay more attention (albeit for the wrong reasons), and there may not be another person who is so utterly neglected!

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