As Google Wave becomes Usable

Initially on Google Wave, things felt really bland with barely any friends on it. Moreover it was tough to find a friend who chats with you real time so you can test the features. Now however after the nth rounds of invites having been sent and received it feels a whole lot more populated.

A new useful feature added just a day ago is a green dot next to the profile pics when the people are online. This is good cause now I can have prolonged wave chats with online friends. In case they are offline I can still wave them! (no need for email or a social network)

I also downloaded a plugin for Firefox that lets me know when I have new pending waves. Suddenly Wave seems more usable! I can just keep this plugin on and now I have another more futuristic and modern email box with basic functionalities!

Why Wave cannot be a primary platform as yet!
Still very few people on wave. The ones that are there are mostly techie... what about my non-techie friends?

Nascent stage of many apps like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger etc.. so I still have to use those platforms separately.

In the long run however I think G Wave can become the main platform from where all this happens.

A list of keyboard shortcuts and its extensions and apps for G Wave users.

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