Wi-fi in the Air

Recently I have been coming across many articles about wi-fi access on airplanes.

Right now, Virgin America, United, Delta, American and Southwest are just some of the airlines offering in-flight Wi-Fi as an extra perk (a perk that usually costs about $12 or $13 per flight). (via Mashable)
How abt some free wi-fi in air?

Ad support: One of the ideas is an inflight wi-fi service that is supported via ads!
Mobile media company JiWire and satellite broadband provider Row 44 are teaming up to deliver an in-flight Wi-Fi system that will come to you via advertising support. Read More.

Sponsored: Google and Virgin Atlantic are coming together for the holidays to provide free wi-fi in the latter's flights. This is another good way of enabling some free wi-fi. Surely the sponsor will get some love from the net addicts :p

When will we see wi-fi in Indian flights?

With wi-fi becoming more and more available, the world gets more and more connected! The world is getting flatter...... :)

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