My 3 Woes of Online Digital Photography

When I got my cyber shot I was quite excited, I could now put up pictoral content on my blog, social networks etc.. However once I got the pics I realised that uploading a photo is not all there is to online photography.

- Watermarking
To avoid misuse of my photos I have to put watermarks on it. Being a image editing duh it took me a while to learn it.. even then watermarking the images I wanna put up takes its share of time.

- Resolution Scaling
Due to many reasons lowering the resolution of the snap before upload is a better option. It lowers the file size which leads to faster uploads and quicker web page loading. Also it allows me to upload more files on sites that have a upload limit. This again takes some time per snap.

- Organizing
This is something I am still working on. I click photos when I see something interesting or when with friends/family, but then what? In just a couple of weeks I have clicked over 800 photos. 500 have been deleted or sent to the respective friends and then deleted. This still leaves me with 300 photos that I wanna keep. Lot of organizing!

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