The Twitterati

Not a lot of people know that Twitter is actually a very hustling bustling ecosystem in its own! While there is a lot of discussion about it as a marketing tool, viral nature etc.. only a true twitterati :p would know it as a buzzing city square where people meet and mingle.

Twitter traditions:
Follow Friday: Every Friday tweeple tweet about interesting people they are following on Twitter. So every Friday you will see follow friday trending. If you are active, you will probably get a FF recommendation every now and then.

Music Monday: Every monday tweeple tweet about their fav music! You can see #musicmonday trending every Monday. Good way to get some new interesting stuff to listen to.

Often there are games being played like #twanuvaad where people were tweeting English translated Bollywood dialogues :p It soon began trending thanks to the Indian twitterers

There are sex games/tweeting sessions as I mentioned in a previous post.

Twitter Festivals = Twestival:
This is when twitterers meet offline, have a fun night and also donate for a charity event. There is a global twestival for a charity called Water and now local twestivals are being organized in different cities all over the globe. There was one at Mumbai recently. (Sorry couldn't blog it!)

In fact you can support the twestival in your city, just check it out on their website whether your city is part of twestival local, if not you can become a centre and raise finds for a local charity!

Live news source during Crisis!
Twitter becomes a real-time communications channel in terms of crisis. We saw that when Mumbai had real bad rains couple of months back. Amongst many examples is that of the Iran Election riots, in fact even now people are tweeting about #iranelections.

Offline meetups of twitterers is called Tweetups. Recently I went to a couple of them that happened close to my house. Fun!

Vocabulary... or should I say twocabulary? :D In fact see one of the many twictionary!

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