6 tips to improve your Twitter profile

Again I got Google Wave invites to send out, and this time it is a large number of invites! Lot of people have asked for invites especially on Twitter probably cause they were searching for tweets on Google Wave invites. Most of these are strangers. I visit their profile before sending them an invite, wouldn't want to invite a spammer. Some tips to make your Twitter profile look genuine and reliable.

- Location: Its really good to read the location. That is something I can instantly connect with. London, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, NZ, Australia, Miami, Bali, Toronto, Hampi... these make sense to me. Not having a location is kinda creepy! It makes me question why you are on twitter! You obviously don't want to connect with tweeple from same location, you are not here for business coz you need location for that etc..

- Following/Followers ratio: If you are following a large number of people and if very few are following you. Then definitely its not a good sign.

-- Tweets: I see whether they are all status updates, RT's, replies or is it too much of rants, swear words, sexual implications..... or are your tweets interesting, sensible and good stuff.

- Display Pic: Your own pic is good, however many people have funky pics so almost anything goes there.

- Web address: Having a blog or LinkedIn profile links are the best options. They have a good interest factor. I often visit these links on twitter profiles to see what their blog/linkedin profiles are like.

- Lists: Now with the list feature out, I look at what kind of lists they have created if at all and are they on any lists.

- Background: Generally anything is fine, either the default twitter background or if you have customized ones. Backgrounds with the website, business address and telephone numbers do make the profile look more genuine.

So all these factors add up when evaluating a profile! Do you see any other aspects to maintain in Twitter profiles?

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