Across the Social Networks

Being on various social networks, often leads to weird scenarios where I find myself copy pasting my tweet onto facebook! :D Some ways to sync your various status updates on your various social networks.

- gives the option to choose various networks where you can post your updates. The options are really a large number, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gtalk, Ning groups, Digg and more!

- Facebook - Twitter sync
If these are the two major social networks you use, its pretty simple to sync them!
Application Twitter lets you access Twitter on Facebook and gives you the option to sync all twitter updates to Facebook too. Replies to tweeple are not published on facebook. Since people tend to tweet a lot more than update Facebook, it is possible that their tweeets would flood FB.

Another selective Twitter application allows you to update Facebook selectively from Twitter. I like this one! Basically you put #fb to any tweet that you want Facebooked. Quite simple!

- LinkedIn - Twitter Sync
Recently LinkedIn and Twitter updates can be synced. There is a check box near the LinkedIn status update box where you can select whether you want the update to be tweeted.
In Twitter settings panel you can selectively pass updates to LinkedIn by putting a #in or #li to the tweet. Pretty Cool! Read more about it.

Twitter API's like Tweetdeck, Seismic, Hootsuite allow sending facebook updates too.. so everyone is looking at ways to reach out onto other social platforms from the same device that is made for only one platform.

These methods of syncing the various networks are useful. On one hand while using social media we want to generate conversations with people across different channels, but we still require some way to collaborate on those conversations and maybe pool them together somehow.

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