Making the Horse drink the Water

Some time back, maybe a month ago one of our volunteers at our street school had an unpleasant incident with some of the parents. They called her under a false pretext that one of the kids had, had an accident. When she did reach there, they surrounded her and verbally abused, threatened her for many long minutes. Their mannerisms were one step away from physical abuse. It was shocking, because she is one of the people who is most involved with these parents lives. She visits them in hospitals, arranges doctor meetings, listens to their grievances and of course helps out with the kids a lot!

One of the street guys died from AIDS, despite all our attempts at getting him to take some medicines and get hospitalized. Unbelievably his wife keeps muttering that we did nothing for him!

Due to all such incidents often volunteers working with these people become cynical cause these people do not have the necessary mentality or discipline needed to bring CHANGE in their lives.

The horse can be taken to the water, but how can it be made to drink?

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