Movie: The Fountain

Just watched The Fountain. Got this CD without knowing any reviews. I thought it might be good since starring in it were Hugh Jackman (Wolverine fame) and Rachel Weisz (The Mummy fame). It turned out to be quite unexpected, I thought it was a time travel or immortal life kind of movie.

There were three different lifetimes of the actors, everytime Hugh is trying to get something done, many questions of Life are raised in a mythical way involving the Tree of Life.

It was very abstract! The narration was quite melodramatic at times, the different life times kept over lapping and influencing each other, making one question whether they are different events occuring at different times or is only one story real and rest are psychological imprints in someones mind or maybe time does overlap.
Maybe what we do (or what we are going to do?) in the future affects us right now.

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