Twitter brings in more features

In the last few days Twitter rolled out a bunch of new features. They are not yet available to all. They are being given out slowly to a small number of people and then a few more and so on..

Twitter Lists:
People can now make lists of other tweeple on twitter. It is pretty similar to blog rolls, except here the list is of microblogs. By following a list, you follow all the twitter fellows listed in that particular list.

Twitter List API's are already out. You can display tweets of a list on your website/blog. This is cool. Some examples of blogs that can use this:
-Company blogs could display the list of all company employees who blog.
-A political news blog displaying a list of all politician tweeple

It may seem that for example, a social media blog like mine could feature a social media twitter list. I do not think that would be helpful unless those tweeple tweeted only about social media. Most often a social media list would have personal tweets by those people, so there would be no usefulness in that.

I think the twitter list feature is really useful and is a good addition to the Twitter as a tool, BUT it needs to be used with some deliberation. One clear sign which shows the list is not useful is if nobody wants to 'follow' the list!

Some articles on twitter lists:
5 ways to use twitter list feature (Rohit Bhargava)
10 uses of Twitter lists (Mashable)

Retweeting is now an official Twitter feature rolled out to only a few. There is a retweet feature next to the reply button. Photo and news source is from Mashable.

There is also an option to select whose retweets you want to follow, which is really good! So tweeple, keep a check on the quality of your RT's!

Semi-Auto Refresh:

This feature will show the user how many new tweets have been tweeted since he last refreshed the Twitter web page. So you can take your time and wait for may be 20 tweets and then refresh (cause twitter web page shows 20 twenty tweets at a time). Photo and news source is Mashable who got the pic from @stephromanski.

Slowly Twitter web is becoming usable without help from another API like Twhirl, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite etc...

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