Facebook pushes its Privacy Settings to users

Just yesterday when I logged into Facebook, a page to set my privacy settings was pushed across the screen.

I wonder if I had done skip for now, would my privacy settings remain at the default which was open for 'everyone'.

The page ends by reminding me of 3 points, the last of which is,
When you visit a Facebook-enhanced application, it will be able to access your publicly available information, which includes Name, Profile Photo, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages. This information is considered visible to Everyone.
They may as well put up a pop up notice which says "Please open up your profile, we want people to see it! It increases our worth in the market"

I was just thinking about how different it would be to have a social network with just friends on it. Or have brand pages which don't keep selling its product or making marketing pitches. Free stuff is given out to increase goodwill not with a component in the contest which asks us to make it viral but tweeting and facebooking it.
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