An online community of friends can save a business

Came across an interesting case study article about where social media turned a business around. A small comic shop in Chicago used his online and offline communities really well to get out of a bad debt.

Evil Squirrel's survival is proof that taking your business's social media seriously can reap unexpected--and unexpectedly vital--rewards. So the answer to Brogan's question in this case, at least, is yes, social media can help save a local business. But only to the extent that a business has already helped itself to social media--and most importantly, cultivated a community of friends. So go reach out and tweet someone, dear Chicago small business owner. Read more.

Its this 'community of friends' that makes 'social' media. Generating them for businesses is though a little tougher than individuals. I am currently myself working on this. Some of the points to look at while creating such a community,

- relevance
The relevance of the community can be ensured by generating relevant content, so people interested in similar stuff will listen to you and vice versa.

- interaction
conversing would be crucial to add a personal touch to the community, endearing them to you

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