Going Viral with this new and social Media

Going viral in social media, probably is the biggest pull for many of the brands to use social media, despite the dangers of negetive feedback, transparency etc.. Going truly viral is a very dicy sort of thing that no one can predict so, sure you can make a real unique campaign and stuff, but will it go viral? You never really know.

[ Viral: In social media, due to its high collaborative and connected nature, some unique and exciting campaigns by companies or some plain hilarious stuff, becomes an instant hit with networkers. So everybody for a while seems to be passing that same stuff to all their friends etc.. so that piece of content travels like a virus... thus viral.]

A lot of people bank on a big review by a leading blogger to make it viral but the truth is that if you get that big blogger review it would lead to traffic and publicity but it does not mean its viral! Even though people share the blog article a lot, it is mainly the tech circle who are doing so. These are the people who are also reading all the other reviews and passing those reviews around too.

I consider a gimmick truly viral only when one (or more) of my non-techie friends or contacts send me the link. If people who are not into reading the tech blogs or tweeting about new product reviews etc.. if they actually came across your campaign, find it exciting and spread it. Then it is really making rounds amongst the right circles for it to viral.

At this point the blogs would generally cover your viral campaign! Then you get that publicity too. Some thoughts from the CEO of Technorati about social media, and how truly viral campaigns are quite rare....

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