Some personal reflections on 2009

I was on the net this morning and thought I should write the blog posts planned for the end of year, at least one of them (yea there are a couple :p). Some posts come swiftly when I am writing them, some take long. This one has taken quite long and, a lot of postponing!

Just wanted to draw a synopsis of the year that is ending.... for sometime I was thinking that a year in the gregorian calendar does not really matter, it is only a random span of time. Then a friend pointed out it is one revolution around the sun completed. Measured from any random point, I said.

This synopsis is for me, in a more personal manner not just related to my social media foray.

This year has been different for me from any other due to my social media activities. Not the activities in themselves but the fact that I now have a career in front of me, I earn and that I have connected with a (huge) number of people! These are all a first!

One of the most surprising things about this blog is that I started getting a readership! This however happened in 2008, so in 2009 the surprise has just continued. I actually get comments, emails, correspondences and compliments from my blog readers. It is totally amazing to be appreciated like this, really! Thank You!

This readership, online interactions and connecting with older friends on social networks has over time empowered me. Writing about what happened at Isha Yoga Center which was something I stifled within me for over a year, the Tree Cutting incident and many others were incidents where my online community became a part of what was happening in my life. The process of blogging the incidents was in itself a challenge and the support I got via comments was just awesome.

I probably would not have been able to open up this way if not for my readers and my really amazing Twitter and Facebook friends, who reply whenever I have the slightest problems about a Gmail attachment limit to views on Telangana state separation or other personal problems. Then of course meeting these guys in tweetups and blog meets and other offline events has given a bunch of really cool friends all over the place :)

While I can add quite a few more incidents to this year, including my brothers marriage which I am still a little surprised about. It all happened in just a few months! I shall wrap up the post with the hint of a free desktop calendar customized with photographs clicked by me, which I will be giving off as a new year gift soon on this blog.... ciao...

BTW let me know whats new in your life as 2009 wraps up....

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