Pepsi : Going online to Refresh the Society

Just got the news that Pepsi is pulling out of Super Bowl advertising and will spend that cash online! This is like millions of dollars.

Some thoughts,
- Online, social media is generally known for its inexpensiveness compared to traditional media. Imagine pouring the money required for huge campaigns in the old media and pushing it into new media!

- The results that these well funded campaigns for bigger, popular brands generate are really huge. Like Dunkin Donuts having 980,062 fans on Facebook, Reebok has 87301 fans on Facebook etc..
Many a times, these results make small businesses get into social media looking for similar fame, however they soon realize how difficult it is to create even little buzz!

The really positive turn of events is that they plan to make 'Pepsi refresh communities' which will eventually aid social causes! The soft drink industry was one that seemed the most irresponsible as they make products which are addictive and harmful for the body, the least they can do is start putting the money into social causes rather than creating huge advertising expenditure in competition!

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