Twitter Bums

Twitter being a happening sort of eco system, it also includes the streetside bums and louts,

GirlHounds: These are guy profiles but they follow only girls, and most of their tweets (only to girls of course) are a greeting, a compliment or some such. Totally bah! In fact these people search namewise, cause if they have added me they have also added 7 other Priyanka's.

Not a BOT: These people only tweet about getting more followers! Most often its spammy like get 5000 followers on twitter. Surprisingly many of them have good number of followers. However they are not a bot, they have one or two human tweets interspersed ....

(this guy had 75 followers!) Why would you want so many followers to only tweet about getting more followers :D

Talking about Bums, did you know about BUM marketing? It consists of writing SEO keyword rich articles, pulling in traffic via Search and then monetizing that traffic with affiliate programs and ads.
Sounds alright, but when you get down to it, I think it requires a lot of dedicated work for quite some time before it begins to pay off!

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