Networking on Google Wave

A lot of people logged onto Google Wave but then their interest waned as they had very few contacts on it, or no one else ever really logged in anyway. Some tips on networking with Google Wave,

Search Public Waves

In order to search for all public waves on social media, type "social media with:public" in the Search tab on the wave Inbox (the middle column), as shown in the pic.

The search may be slow depending on your internet connection. You should see a list of the available waves. Click on any wave to open it.

Read Public Waves

A good way to check out interesting waves...

Playback: This feature lets you see how the wave evolves and get the feel of the entire conversation. Better than reading all of it, you can also see its chronological happening.

Follow: Following the wave will make it appear in your inbox. You can track any further edits or replies made by any one else.

Make your wave Public

A great way to spread your blogposts, have discussions on interesting stuff and more on Gwave is to start a wave and then make it public. To make it public, you have to add to the wave. Save this app as a contact so you can add it easily any time.

Put the necessary tags to the wave. The tag button is at the lower left hand side of that wave. You can add as many tags as you want.

Read more about marketing with Gwave from my blogpost here.

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