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Lately reading about real-time and social features in search engines, where they will be showing results from social networks on the search page made me think about how this affects Social media and Search.

- This will give a huge boost to social media
Companies who want to rank well for search, can and will want to rank well in social media too!
Moreover web users who are yet only searching and surfing, will have social network results hitting them all the time! Social networks can't be seen as timepass stuff anymore, they are as important as a website or any web page is in the online space.

- Social media gets recognized as the huge and integral part of the web
The search engines want these social network results on the search pages cause otherwise users will deviate to these networks for search.
Adding a social media component to search only improves its value to the users.

This second point came to me later. This is in fact a salient part of marketing...

When I first started marketing via social media, I would contact bloggers to review the startup I worked for. It felt like I was imposing on them, if they actually did review it then it was a favour.

Soon however I understood that the bloggers need good content for their blogs. If the users like our product then it will enhance the reputation of the blogger who reviewed us! If the blogger in the relevant niche did not review a popular tool, and the user finds it from elsewhere, he might doubt whether the blogger is dependable.

So its always such two way processes that create a win-win situation for both parties involved. This is proverbially spoken as "Two hands make a Clap" in India.

Now my understanding of marketing has changed. Its about letting people know. Opening the doors and making visible! Telling the right and relevant people that look here, here is something that is of your interest.


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