Chase Community Giving: Mobilizing Tens of Thousands on Social Media

Just came across the Chase community giving contest. Currently the 2nd and the final round is ongoing. In the first round some 100 charities from all over the world were shortlisted and now out of those, the one charity that garners the most votes will be winner of $1 Million.
What really got me interested was when I saw that the number of votes for NGO's was increasing by huge numbers!

I think this is a great case study to see how tens of thousands of people have been mobilized by online activities (maybe some offline ones too) to vote on Facebook, for the charity of their choice.

Yesterday Early:

Late Yesterday:


A jump of about 20,000 people who voted for Twloha Inc! Moreover if you consider that many of these NGO's really don't have any ongoing social media campaigns beyond a Facebook page or Twitter and a website. Usually these are managed by volunteers who are not professionals in online marketing or any such.

So go ahead and caste your votes. Some of the NGO's I voted for,

Invisible Children Inc: Serious concept. They are working towards rehabilitating kids abducted and made into soldiers of war torn nations! The little experience I have with street kids only lets me imagine how difficult what they are attempting to do is.

Feel Your Boobies:
I came across this campaign while looking into the Whats your Bra color Viral that happened a few days ago. I love the concept of something as kinky and rad as this to be crucial for something as serious and morbid as breast cancer.

Voting for NGO's this way is always a trouble for me cause they are all so important! The world has too many causes. Let me know who you are voting for!

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