Posterous for Today's Bloggers

I have heard quite a few people go ga-ga over Posterous - a blogging platform for quite some time. Recently, I took a look at it and was pleasantly surprised! What is most evident is that its made for TODAY, a time when social networks, RSS feeds are a must addon and when bloggers want to post a blog on the fly, from their smart phones.

I have noted some of its features here, to give you a better idea about what I am saying.

SignUp and Blogging

Login: What can be so different in a login procedure? Well what if there was none! I am serious you can just email to start a blog. This will set up a blog with an automatically generated URL like (It probably picked up Priyanka from my email name).
When you do want to customize the blog or URL then you need to signup.

Post via Email: This is the feature that Posterous is really playing up. As shown above, they are totally promoting blogging via email, and the entire feature is very smooth. I have been trying it out on my photoblog (shifted from Wordpress) take a look, all the posts are via email.


Auto Notification: This is another reason I said its made for today's social networking people. It has inbuilt pinging feature, where any new post gets posted on various social networks (once you authorize it). Moreover it enables a huge number of social networks for autoposting! No need to hook up and configure a twitterfeed or etc...

By default it shows the icons to these authorized sites on your blog page, too! (Awesome).

Tracking Traffic

Google Analytics and Feedburner: The third that a blogger would go for is measuring traffic, namely Google analytics and Feedburner for feeds. It has been simply integrated so that we only need to input the respective codes.


Theme Customizability: Themes can be customized since the templates HTML code is open. Hence blog theme is no bar to choosing Posterous over others.

Changeable web address: The blog web address is changeable. This is really cool, with most other platforms we have to start a new blog or buy a domain if we want to change the blog address.

(Another site which allows web address changeability is Twitter)

It makes the process of configuring auto updates for social networks and RSS subscriptions and statistics so easy that it feels blogging itself is simplified! Moreover these features make it feel tuned to a bloggers needs!

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