Got a few new projects and abt Priyanka Writing

Sorry guys that the blog has become a little sporadic! The fact is that all of a sudden in a span of few days I got three new projects in my lap! I plan to maintain this blog definitely, but was not able to give it time last weekend.
All the projects are social media related so hoping to gain some good insights with them, but requires a serious amount of time management!

I was thinking about my blog name 'Priyanka Writing', I intuitively coined it when I started out into social media and blogging. Lot of leading bloggers however recommend naming your blog/site something that describes what the blog is about.

Recently I came across a blog post which said that mainly what social media consultants do is writing, twitter updates, facebook updates, comments, emails, responses, correspondences, blog posts, articles so on and so forth.

So I guess 'priyanka writing' is a pretty ok sort of name for a social media insights blog! What say?

In fact when I was thinking of my blog name I also thought of Writing, cause thats what I do here on this blog. Thinking is something I anyway do, the way this blog is different is because I am writing my thoughts down.

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