Making Calls and making Up

With all the projects and their unique pressures, I have recently been coming across many situations that have been throwing my life topsy turvy every now and then. Being with people while common and often a lot of fun is surely not 'easy'.

I find I am getting too much into technicalities. While checking out a fan page, it has become usual to check the number of fans, what sort of landing page have they created, interactions, branding....
For a blog I will look at the theme, comments it gets, customizations, hell I may even go and check the page rank or alexa ranking.

Its most stupid to forget or lose track of what really matters when we get into work and 'getting results'. Often these things lead to ego clashes and madness where someone gets hurt or everyone ends up hurt.

Thinking along these lines I have decided to go forward with couple of things,

This Tree cutting lady who stays in my building is involved with Rotaract club. I plan to try and organize a tree planting rally With her (and rotaract) for Sapling Project. Will let you'l know how that goes.

Also I called Swami Suyagna of Isha Foundation and I told him that we both cared about the cause when I was there at the ashram. Due to whatever differences things didn't work out between us it's ok, and hence forth I will be open to them if ever I find myself having to work/interact with them.
He was glad I called and said that the people in the ashram intended well, whatever they might have done.

I feel we should give people a chance, cause the truth I feel is that often we get so muddled up with what we want to do, the result-getting and the technical thinking that we forget whats more important.

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