Why Google Buzz Works for me

Easy integration with Google
Contacts that don't read blogs but check emails are nowing reading blogs and commenting to them on Buzz itself! I have gotten comments from couple of such people!
Though I have heard some people complain that business contacts can read their personal blogs etc... I really don't think thats a problem cause you can choose whether or not to share a site on Buzz.

Rise of the Microblogger from the Inbox
SMS microblogging, using API's all helps people use Twitter, however so many people open a twitter account and it dies down, now they don't have to open an account! I have seen many of my contacts who are dormant on Twitter are all of a sudden microblogging on Buzz!

Easy commenting from the email itself
Comments to Buzz posts come as an email and I can reply to it from the email itself. Now facebook has that feature but its late in its coming, I have already stopped FB notifications for comments!
The ease of use is awesome.

No need to make contacts
All the email contacts and any person has some Gmail contacts for sure, are all on Buzz. Moreover they will get the notifications by default unless they unfollow you.
Often people sign onto Twitter and they don't know what to do, cause they don't have friends there. Especially in India I know many who barely have any of their friends on Twitter. With Buzz there is an inbuilt community already!

Makes your email into a Community!
Man is a social animal and Buzz makes the inbox into a social community. I am genuinely liking it, as I have seen some contacts I never see active on social networks actually update!

What are your thoughts about Buzz?

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