Location based Networking with FourSquare

Just had some little time to kill, I thought I could check out FourSquare. Location based social media is said to be the NEXT BIG THING.

FourSquare is a social network that basically asks you where you are. They have apps (for iPhone, BB, Android and Palm Pre) that use GPS to allow you to pinpoint where you are on a map of the surrounding area and share it on your network. This works for anywhere in the world! If the place you are is not marked on it, you can add it yourself. Sounds cool!

It has Facebook Connect which makes the sign up easier and you can share your location updates on Facebook.

Some Questions to look at later: How useful it is and what abt the problem of umm unnhh (whisper) Stalking?

So now I am trying to figure out which 'portable equipment that can connect to the World Wide Web on the move' I should be using! I mean a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or mini laptop.

I want to go for an iPad but from what I have heard it will be in India only around June. So I can go for a Blackberry now or an iPhone? Yet, what do I do once the iPad comes out?

Bummer! I think I need to write down my needs exactly and then figure out... so while I do that you can let me know if you have any thoughts about the iPhone, BB, mini laptop or iPad. Also are you on Foursquare or any other location based social network?

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