Pepsi Refresh Project

Chase community contest just commenced where The Invisible Children won after some tough competition ! It seems however that these contests are now gonna be happening all the time - Courtesy the Pepsi Gods.

Pepsi Refresh Project

The corporate giant announced earlier that they have pulled out of SuperBowl advertising and is now opting for digital campaigns that would also help the society. The campaign is now live and it is very 'refreshing'!

I love the design, branding and theme colors!

How it Works

People can submit ideas until 1,000 ideas get accepted in a month. The ideas can be an individual making a change in society or a full fledged organization or anything in between.
These ideas are segregated into 6 different categories:

Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education

They are then open for voting. A person can vote for 10 different ideas in a day. To vote he has to sign up via email or with Facebook connect.

Every month upto 32 ideas can win!

10 ideas that are individually powered so they are smaller in scale -amnt $5k each

10 ideas that are individuals/small group based, with probably higher scale - amnt $25k each

10 ideas for companies and organizations - amnt $50k each

2 ideas for organizations which can really scale up - amnt $250k each

So that is a LOT of money pouring into social projects!

But if you think you can rush off and submit your idea, as I did, think again cause,

Only legal residents of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia are eligible to apply.


So what do you think of this campaign? It seems these contests to decide which charity to donate are now a happening trend!

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