Facebook gets a Facelift

Today morning I was greeted by a whole new, revamped version of Facebook. The layout of the home page was significantly changed! Not all my friends have the new version, it seems its being rolled out slowly. This is the new face of Facebook and its here to stay!

Some good stuff:

Friend Reqs, Messages and Notifications
All the three buttons are to the left top. Moreover if I click on them a drop down gives me lot of info to see what the new req. or message is from.

I really like this feature! Finally it becomes easier to answer my messages on Facebook.

News Feed: Top News and Recent News
Again a change in the news feed, I can now see it in two categories Top News and Recent News.

Photos and Videos

Much better way to see the photos and videos uploaded by my contacts.

You can see this new layout here.

....And, this may just be a beginning to a Titan Project by Facebook ;)

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