A New Genre of Social Media Ads

Currently Internet ads are not seen as part of social media, because of the lack of any social component in them. They are as any other newspaper ads, except online. There have been discussions however about making these ads more interactive. In fact an interactive and social component to these ads is seen as one of the possible solutions to the low effectiveness of online ads.

Already we can see the ads on Facebook which are very social they provide a like or close option. They sometimes show pics of our friends, show which friends are fans and other interesting info to make the ad a lot more relevant to the viewer.

Another example of an interactive social ad is a viral video with a tweet and share on Facebook option, all embedded as a banner on a website. Instead of getting the visitors on your site, and measuring CPC etc.. here you work to make viral a video of your brand!!

I haven't got an example of such an ad, but I thought of it when watching Google's viral Superbowl ad,

Pretty cool! (BTW if you are someone like me you might also have not gotten that the ad is depicting an American who falls in love in Paris thru the status updates.)

What do you think about these sort of 'socially relevant ads' ? Please share any examples you may have come across of innovative ads!

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