City Of Eternals: Networking and Role Playing

All life is a stage! Philosophically, your social networking maybe role playing at a deeper level too, but with City of Eternals you can indulge in some serious role playing aka gaming while you network on Facebook!

I had mentioned this game to be released some time back. From what I have seen, it is a little bit like Second Life, however instead of being a virtual, social network in itself (my understanding of Second Life is limited), it is a virtual world in Facebook. There are also virtual goods that can be bought with real money for your CoE avatar.

Players need to login with Facebook connect, or play the game as a Facebook app. On clicking another player, their Facebook profile pic and profile URL are accessible. So they can easily connect with each other.

It is also on the lines of Mafia Wars, as every now and then it prompts to publish status updates about having achieved this level and that medal etc..

There is a chat box where people in the same section of the game can chat. Pretty cool for troubleshooting and 'networking' :D

It is in private beta, people can play it only with invitations. I got mine couple of weeks back. These are my initial thoughts, they only remain initial cause I haven't really played it since some time due to the downside.


Interesting Game Play: The story starts with being killed by a bunch of vampires and then rising from the grave as one of them! Then it goes on with missions, quests, killing zombies and other creatures.

Quick Level Ups: Few fights will quickly take you to a higher level. Skills can be learnt as we level up, to increase what we can do in terms of gathering food, killing skills or making stuff.

Quest Options: Lot of them! Already there are 15 quests to choose from. We can also go to City of Valencia and accept missions there randomly rather than following one particular quest..


Heavy/Loading time
It takes a long time to load and requires a very fast internet connection which is a difficulty. Almost everytime I played it, it failed to load atleast once. Moving from one section to another is difficult due to this.
Sometimes it stops working in the middle of the game and I had to reload.

Doesn't work on Linux. :<

Try it out, and let me know what you think of it!

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