MNIK: Bollywood movie Trending on Twitter

My Name is Khan - a bollywood movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, has been released today to a lot of noise and bustle online. MNIK has been trending on Twitter from morning. For a little while SRK and #mynameis was also trending.

Its getting rave reviews with 4 or 5 star ratings in the newspapers. Shar Rukh Khan has been tweeting about the movie for the past few days.

Shiv Sena one of the political parties in Mumbai has extended its support towards this movie (sarcastic). They rallied against SRK for his comments about including Pakistani cricketers in an Indian Cricket tournament. It infuriated the tweeps enough to get 'MumbaiforAll' trending. Most of those tweets included MNIK!

It has not opened in many Mumbai theatres as the Shiv Sena guys said they would cause trouble for the theatre and people. I am waiting to watch this movie, as Kajol and SRK are one of my fav bollywood pairs :)

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