Business Productivity Twitter Chat, every Thursday #simpli5

A few of us have started Twitter chats on Business Productivity every Thursday. The first chat was yesterday, the topic was Email Overload. Lot of people shared their tips, tricks on how they manage their emails. It was pretty good! I got to learn quite a bit of stuff!


I normally check my mail only a few times in the day. Reply to the most important first. Don't treat emails as your tasklist #simpli5


Whenever I find my self sending same reply to many mails I create "canned response" (gmail feature). It works like magic #simpli5


Interesting article on how to manage an overwhelmed Inbox #simpli5


didnt know abt this! RT @guglanisam: Whenever I send same reply to many mails I create "canned response" (gmail feature). #simpli5

sahilparikh: @guglanisam

I color some labels in red to mark imp mails so that I don't have to scan all emails #simpli5


Also scan unread emails and delete all spammy ones that inevitably make way to my inbox (why god, why!!) #simpli5

mrjain: @priyankawriting

I use filters and anything in my inbox is automatically my to-do list #simpli5 #simpli5

raghavsoni: @sahilparikh

I create filters 2 mark all imp. mails related 2 clients to folders like - Action(Immediate) , Someday (At ease) #simpli5

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We plan to have these chats every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm IST. So do join in! For more info and notifications about topics for coming week please follow @simpli5

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