Chings Secret Surprise: 1 lakh fans on Facebook

Just today I came across the info that Chings Secret Facebook Fan page has crossed 1 lakh fans, a record for an Indian brand! It has surprised me cause I was not even aware of their online presence!

I have been doing quite some research now a days for various reasons, and I really feel this online world its just exploding. So much is happening virtually here, there and elsewhere! Yet, when it comes to monetizing there is still a dearth.

The Chings Secret Facebook Fan Page,

Started in May 2009.
On an average 5 to 6 status updates a month.
Content of Status Updates: Videos of interesting recipes, attractive advertisement posters, general updates

They have also sponsored a few college fests at BITS Pilani and IIT Techfest. The content that they are updating the page with is not that viral I feel. I think they have used email databases and/or some large offline campaign for their online communities.

Any thoughts?

Another trait is that their Twitter community has just 300 followers. Why?

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