Creating a free small company website via Blog Customization

From last sometime I have been looking for a free blog theme option for a small company website. I have been checking out lots, cause my work often requires setting up blogs. Here is a summary of what I have found,


Blogger Rules as of now due to the new Template Designer option that they just released and the Page feature that they released in January. Read More about this at my Guest Post.

So Blogger is as of now the best option to make a free company blog.


Wordpress has a huge range of themes for a free blog, but the fact is none of them are right for a small company website. Also the customizability is very limited in the free option.


Tumblr is a good option, it has an open completely customizable HTML code and an option to create Pages. I am still planning to look more at this blog platform to figure out what can be done with it.


I love this blogging platform but as I have mentioned in this Guest Blog, there is just no good theme option for it, though its HTML code is open and customizable. Pages option is also lacking. Not good for company blog, I would say.

I found this website via here, its quite ok for a profile. Not so much for a company profile cause we cannot connect a Facebook Fan page there. I feel they need to do a lot more in terms of user interface, include some cool themes or some such.

It integrates the Facebook, Twitter and many other streams with the profile. Check out mine below,


I found this site, pretty good for creating a flash website. They have tons of options including some good free ones. Using the customizing tool is a little cluttersome as it is heavy and difficult to load. I think it could be used to make a simple, yet elegant flash website.

Do you know any other options to create a website (for free without using too much of HTML or CSS)?

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