Social Media Experiments

Lately I have been doing a number of experiments, currently they are all on Twitter, maybe they will move to other platforms later on. I also came across an article about Twitter Quantity Experiment on WWD,

Since the experiment, I’ve returned to my pre-experiment tweet average. Since upping my tweet quantity didn’t appear to have any value, there’s no reason to bombard my followers with more tweets. Read More.

So increased tweeting didn't have much effect to the authors popularity on Twitter. A similar one that I am doing currently is posting automated updates on my personal twitter. I have seen so many people do this, these are people who have like tens of thousand followers. So I was wondering how this helps, so I configured some feed updates.

Currently I have 5 auto updates that are sent out once a day.

Difference: A few posts get retweeted, a few people told me to STOP with the feeds and thats about it. The twitter followers anyway keep increasing at a slow but steady pace, I don't think that has picked up.

I also have a few other experiments going on, will tell you about that in other posts. Since social media is new and upcoming what works and what doesn't is still all blurry. No clear answers are available. This is why experimenting makes sense.

One tip: Take a look at social media case studies of similar companies or individuals to see what they are doing, and what works for them. This kinda gives a reference scale. Comparing to a different niche will not be valid.

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