I LIke Tumblr as a Blogging Platform

Sometime back I had blogged about Posterous as a really good blogging platform, recently I took a look at Tumblr which has been around quite some time and found it to be pretty awesome!

After taking a look at the themes, this platform is something different. A personal blogger can install some really pretty theme, I really don't see why most people go for a Blogger or Wordpress unless if they don't know about other options.

Some features,

Custom HTML
The theme is completely customizable with HTML, though I guess if its a non-techie blogger then they wouldn't want to customize stuff. In which case, Tumblr has about 300+ themes to choose from!

Moreover you can easily change the color scheme of the theme,

Auto post to Social Networks
Auto feature to post new posts on Facebook and Twitter, and configure the RSS with feedburner.

Import RSS feed into blog
I really like this feature! Just by feeding in the url of the feed of a blog, all the new blogs get posted on your Tumblr! So I have subscribed to this blog on my Tumblr.

New bloggers often have the problem of generating content for their blogs, so if there is some blog they read a lot they can link that blog so there is content generation to their Tumblr and your fav blog gets more readers! This way even if your posts are sporadic, there is still content being generated on your blog!

This is a feature Tumblr introduced recently, its really important cause even Blogger doesn't have a good Page feature.
Labnol has a very interesting way to use this feature.

So check this site out, let me know how you like it!

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