TEDxMumbai: TED event in Mumbai

The TED events are non-profit ones that bring speakers from various walks of life to share ideas that are worth spreading. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Last year there was a TED event in India for the first time.

TEDxMumbai is a independently held event in the spirit of TED. It is happening on the 3rd of April, 2010 at the Blue Frog.

The registration was opened couple of days back. If you are interested you can register here,
(The seats are sadly limited and last date for applications is 17 March)

To give you better understanding of the TED event (if you don't know abt it) or to share one of the really cool videos I have come across, here is a lady called Temple Grandin who was born autistic but who went on to become an animal behaviour expert.

Check out more videos on TED.com, most of them are if not mind blowing at least eye opening!

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