Indian Newspaper articles have Bad Google Rankings


I have been noticing this for some time, but poignantly now I realise that Indian newspaper articles that are published on the web for all to read have really bad Google Rankings! Its surprising considering how important these results are for the Search term!

Couple of days back I had written an article RIP Harish Maroliya, this incident has been covered numerous times in leading Indian newspapers. When I searched Google for any recent news coverage about the incident I found my blog article to be the 3rd result on the 1st page.

I noticed something similar while doing social media stuff for a client Amara Fashion House, events at this boutique have been covered a large number of times in the newspaper, however a Google search barely showed any of them. Even now a search for it will show all social network/website results not a single newspaper article!

Very surprising, newspapers are such a rich source of content. I guess they need to seriously work on their SEO stuff! I guess what also would help is to have a strong social media presence like the NYtimes.

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