Companies can only gain from Relevant Social Media Casestudies

Before a company indulges in social media, they would check out case studies about how other companies have used it. Most often we come across general case studies and social media tips. These are often very irrelevant. A few parameters should be kept in mind when going through social media case studies for companies.

Company size

A small company seeing examples of Pepsi or McDonalds is going to fool itself. Cause the dynamics that comes into play for a huge brand is very different. One of the main reasons being their million fanbase through which they promote their viral campaign. For a small company, creating a good, loyal 300 people community is often a challenge.

Industry niche

Which niche are you from? Many stats change from one niche to another. For eg: at one of my social media jobs I was trying to figure out whether the bounce rate of the website it good. Well for a blog a bouce rate of even 70 is considered good, but not so for a company! So its important to see which niche you belong to and then compare stats with websites/online campaigns of those companies.

Target Audience

The company size and niche might be same but a company with Indian consumers will face a very different online market than for a US target audience. The right social networks, methods need to be figured out for different target audience based on geography, age, likes etc..

What other parameters do you think come into play when looking at social media case studies?

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