Supplementary Skills to Social Media Marketing

When I was initially into social media I came across this cartoon which is pretty old,


and found it funny! Now with some more experience into the field I realize that there is quite a bit of need for all these supplementary industries!

If you see the work of a Social Media Marketeer it includes,

Design & Web Dev:

Facebook Pages, Blogs, Twitter backgrounds. These require a lot of design stuff, these designs often need to be converted to HTML codes which can be used.. thus requiring good design skills with some HTML/CSS know how.

Link building, getting good Google page rank requires SEO skills. While social media content usually helps with SEO this is still a complimentary skill.

Traffic Analytics:

Analysing the traffic is in itself another skill, cause even though its an important aspect of social media marketing ROI, I doubt whether most of us have really good skill with it. Sure I can figure a lot of stuff with Google Analytics as I have used it for my clients and personal blog too. Yet there is Website optimizer, custom reports and more stuff that I have never really touched.

Moreover, while an in-house social media team or a company is taking care of social media presence, other agencies can always aid to make a viral campaign or some indirect campaign for the company.

So a lot is possible in Social Media for a company and often they should look for complimentary sources to bolster their online presence!

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