Nemo, Wind Farms and (of course) Social Media

What does a fish know about wind farms? Well I just learned today:

When traveling in his school of fish, Nemo (remember Finding Nemo?) is participating in the Karman vortex street – an aerodynamic phenomenon that keeps school of fish synchronized and reduces the total propulsive power needed per fish. This anecdotal evidence proves that by putting wind turbines closer together – there is actually potential to create more energy instead of less. Read More.

Its a pretty awesome read on how answers to harnessing the Wind might lie in the Water. The basic principle behind it is to see that Wind and Water are both dynamically moving forces, (I guess).

This is something I feel all companies should be doing -- looking in different directions. Many times, we find inspiration in the most un-thought of area.

Even in social media, I have taken a sort of liking to SlideShare. So when I was into playing Mafia Wars and Farmville, I just made some presentations on SlideShare about the games. Today I got a email from them saying my ppt was Hot on Facebook and was on the homepage of SlideShare for a while.

With web 2.0, connections are being built all the time, as I tweet a URL I create a backlink to the site, friending someone brings a huge number of his friends in my periphery etc.. So I feel we always have to keep looking around and trying new stuff! Who knows where the answers might lie!

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