RIP Harish Maroliya

Today was a sad day. It started with an SMS from a friend asking me to read the news about a classmate of ours. I ran to the paper, fearing...

Well in detail was printed a episode between a Mr. Harish Maroliya at an Andheri society who in a fit against his housing complex ran out with his gun threatening people. In his anger he shot some stray bullets, but then kidnapped a 14 yr old girl to his flat. The police were called and they tried to placate him, they broke down the door and entered. Harish sir (is how we called him) shot at the police and the girl(!! OMG). He died to a police's bullet. He injured a bunch of policemen and killed the girl.

He was a classmate of ours at Bombay College of Journalism. For sometime me and the friend wondered that it might be someone else, but not so. Another classmate confirmed that it was the same Harish Maroliya who we had studied and discussed and debated with many times in class.

Well, I have seen it in movies how after burying the dead guy the people who knew him say something about him over the grave. Thats what I feel like doing here.

He was really old, in a class with us youngsters, but he became a part of it. He knew I think, everyone in class, cause he took the effort to sit with different people, talk to them and mingle. He had views on all the matters after all he was pretty old and gave them often. Often the class went on and on because he did not cease to talk. I happen to be a gutsy one and learned the Art of cutting him and seizing the rudders of the conversation and turned it to a more relevant direction.
However we were friends, he often told us that he was an Ex-custom officer so many people were behind him, they were trying to kill him. Often he said he might be killed any time now. I did not know what to make of it... I tried to talk cheery stuff.

Now he is no more, and he has died causing pain to many more.

This incident has reinforced in me the thoughts I had before about going about in our hectic lives and running after some sort of results work, family, relations etc.. Its about time we made up with people and do our best to foster love and joy amongst people around us, especially in the people who we are in contact with.

RIP Mr Harish Maroliya. Peace in an individual will cause peace in the world. There is no other way.

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