Whats Bread and Butter Gotta do with it?

What does Bread and Butter have to do with social media? Well other than Amul's Utterly Butterly girl being an iconic example of viral indirect marketing that has been happening offline for years! Terry Starbucker has a very interesting blog post,

Thus, sliced bread brought us the ultimate in convenience, AND a more rested society.  Not bad.
Now let’s consider Social Media.  It too has a “sliced bread” quality, in that it too delivered a quicker and more efficient way to “consume” something.
That something is conversation.   And boy oh boy, can it do that.  Everybody that has dramatically expanded their conversation universe well beyond what you ever believed you could 15 years ago, or even 10 years ago, please raise your hand {sound of my hand quickly going into the air}

I would also have to raise my hand here :) not just expanding the conversation universe in terms of number, but often social media brings access to some quite high fundoo people, I mean hot shots from different industries in access to common online user!

And as Terry goes on to look at the cons of SM, I will go on to look at the cons of B & B,

Heathy - how healthy is it? Its cold, packaged and processed stuff, it really cannot do as a full meal (contrary to what a lot of people think) especially for vegetarian folks!

Flour - I suggest that all you readers switch to whole wheat bread or another more nutritious variety of bread, pronto. Flour has no fibre in it making it a nightmare for the digestive system!

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