Chinese Love Stories

What is it with Chinese love stories! They are sooo sad. Almost always its a sad ending. I first began watching the kungfu serials. One of the most intriguing ones - Blood Stained Intrigue - went on for more than a year.. and then in the end, the hero had to kill the villainous father of the heroine. So the girl leaves him cause she cannot take the shock!

Another one, went on for a shorter time but in the end the girl gets caught by the villian so he is holding her at sword-point while threatening the hero. In any usual Hindi film, there would be a drama but she would be saved. Here, the girl stabs herself with the knife dying so the hero can kill the villian! Bah.

Then I went on to watch movies, one of my most favorites Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Out of the two couples in it, one of the men dies out of poison. Thankfully in the dying moment he confesses his love for the woman. While the woman does not decide to kill the culprit girl, the girl herself goes and commits suicide leaving her guy looking... both tragedies.

Though it has one of the most engrossing fight scenes, watch it below,

In fact this was not the worst, in Hero the girl kills her love and then kills herself! Ya, you can't beat that!

I have watched House of Flying Daggers, The Empress and warrior always drawn to all the Kungfu and Chinese stuff and what do I get? More sad endings and unfulfilled love lives!

It is almost bumming me! Sigh..... you will also get bummed if you see this next video...

And then Jet Li also dies because he is one of the few people who understood the king! Do you know any Chinese Movie that has a happy ending?

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