LinkedIn - Recommendations and Introductions

I have previously written about using LinkedIn and marketing on LinkedIn, today planning to touch open two aspects of LinkedIn i.e. recommendations and introductions,

This is one of the salient aspects of social media, it is also the basis of word of mouth marketing. Lot of what is passed back and forth are recommendations (people ask for it and give it).
I did not see much purport to this recommendation feature in LinkedIn. Its a little like testimonial feature in Orkut. The thing is mostly friends write good stuff about you, if they wrote bad stuff you would delete it! :P

I was having a talk with my uncle who is newly on LinkedIn and we were talking about this recommendation stuff. In that I began to realize the importance and weight of a recommendation. If we recommend someone who is not doing a good job just because he is my friend (I have done that) it could lower value of my recommendations in the eyes of someone who tries out my friends services and finds it wanting!

Its a little difficult but valuable lesson to learn that friends might sometimes suck at their work!

So recommend people you truly feel are worth it! I however, do like the heartiness of how friends stand up for you and recommend you even when they dont know your work. Without that life would be a less warm! What say?

Another salient feature of LinkedIn. In order to contact somebody, we can see if they are 2nd degree from us, that means one of our contacts is their contact. So we can get our friend to introduce us to that person...

I had as yet never used this feature, but now I have been doing so to contact clients for DigiWhirl. Lets see how it works! :)

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