Being on Twitter, Blogs makes me a VIP

If you are just reading this blog post and don't have a blog or Twitter of your own, well sorry to say you are just a VUP then! VUP = Very Unimportant Person!

Many companies are offering some facilities to its customers when they are the "Blog/Twitter VIPs"

I just have to tweet about some problem with my ICICI, Airtel or Vodafone (and probably some other brands I am not aware of yet) accounts and they will contact me on Twitter. I have personally used this facility of ICICI bank, where I DM them my phone number and a customer rep calls me and solves whatever my queries are. Before I have gone to the bank and spoken to customers reps on the phone and its just not so simple!

My first such experience of VIP treatment happened with a non profit, humanitarian organization. I had a bad time there when I was volunteering and talking about it to the admin did not help at all. It was all a pain. I even spent time and money flying there just to understand what went wrong but to no avail. I come back and blog about my experiences and Voila - I get called by one of the admin. (Read more)

Facility for the Online Junta

On the flip side however, I can see this also as a facility, I mean its damn convenient for me to simply tweet to a company when I am facing some problems. In fact I recently saw that HDFC bank is also on Twitter so will probably open my second account in this bank over an SBI.

Social Media

A lot of social media guys are considering this customer service given via Twitter/Blogs as very good usage of social media. I think that for brands which are hugely offline like all those mentioned above ICICI, Airtel, Vodafone... they need to have an awesome customer service for all the people not just the Online ones.

All of a sudden due to this social media boom, companies are getting really scared of bad publicity and thus trying to fix that. Do they realize that the bad publicity would happen offline too?

What do you think of this customer service being given by major brands across the world??

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